Saturday, September 10, 2016

Unprincipled Anarchy or Pure Madness?

We are talking about the continuous ramblings of that most popular vagabond of our times Pawan Kalyan. Yes his utterances are all pure nothings in every context he makes them and we shall see why they are so. We might be taking him too seriously but that is what our media wants us to do. And like usual we will do that, but for a difference we shall use our tiny brains to understand this hyped-up giant among the billion dwarfs of our poor land.

This is no criticism of his personality or his personal life or even his intentions behind all his rabid public talk. This is just clean objective analysis on the pearls of 'his' wisdom that he throws at us. We shall not question but let ourselves take in blindly whatever he talks. Because we have travelled a long distance from the days where the consistency of thought, speech and action are considered a thumb rule to measure one's character. Because we have come of age to allow and elect every popular corrupt man to drive our lives, businesses and our whole country consistently for over 60 years and very rarely showed difference between the choices of a good and a bad leader. We shall not question but let ourselves take in all his burps blindly because we mostly went for a bad choice and we will be as consistent as ever.

What we are doing here is a pure analysis aimed to find out if there is any amount of validity and seriousness left in his talk for any further consideration hereafter so as to make the public utilize their limited valuable time for a better purpose either for themselves, societies or this great nation than to look at him.

Our goal is to check if he is what he projects to be or if he is just a shouting minion.

There is a difference at least between sane and insane thoughts. I had to mention 'at least' because in these times of news business anything and everything that happens around you is eligible for sale and can be pushed on to your face and make you consume it. A certain amount of common sense is needed to identify nonsense from sensible talk. But to us, as regular consumers of the media waste, even this has become a difficult task.

So let us use our leftover ability to clearly see what he did not do instead of getting lost in those confusing and glaring speeches of this half-minded and half-hearted shouter from Andhra Pradesh.

What he never ASKED?

1. On burning of the Ratnachal Express at Tuni, Jan 31, 2016

Let us see what a sane person with average calibre would ASK when a pre-planned destruction of public property is committed in the name of agitation and struggle for a social cause - i.e reservations for the kapu community. Yes, when the 'criminals' planned and executed the burning of the train near Tuni and created chaos by thrashing the police and did rioting on the passengers, what would you ask the government in reaction to this?

Won't you ask for immediate arrest and punishment for all the perpetrators for disturbing an otherwise normal agitation?
Instead he asked for his caste\community to maintain peace. It either means he agreed that his community has done the burning or he is diverting the attention from the criminals who did it.

Bottom line: He did not find it important to bring the criminals, masterminds and perpetrators behind this arson to justice.

Motivation to stand by the 5% : To gather mileage from this event for his political ambitions.

2. On land pooling by the govt of AP, Mar 5, 2015

He never asked the 5% of the farmers who were objecting to the best model of land acquisition proposed by the govt of AP, why they have to go against it when 95% saw the benefit in it. To the bare minimum he didn't try convincing them to come to discussions with the govt with their objections.

Instead he provoked them by saying "So much of land is not necessary to build a capital. There is no necessity to transform villages into cities. I will stand by u."

Bottom line: He has no idea of the land pooling model which the 95% of the farmers signed to.
Motivation to stand by the 5% : To gather mileage for his political ambitions.

3. On bifurcation of AP, 2014

He never objected or agitated against the decision of congress govt to bifurcate AP. He remained silent on the passing of the bifurcation act
in 2014.

Bottom line: His interest on Telugu people and their rights varies with the party in power.

Motivation not to speak: Not to make the congress party angry

4. On leasing of Bhavani island at Vijayawada, 2012 

He never objected when the congress govt leased the public property at Bhavani island to private parties.

Bottom line: His interest in public property varies with the party in power.

Motivation not to speak: Not to make the congress party angry

5. On merging of PRP party in congress, 2011

He never opposed the PRP president, his brother Chiranjeevi's decision to merge it into Congress party, the same party against which he had campaigned
in 2008.

Bottom line: His moral ground sinks and rises based on the party in power.

Motivation not to speak: Not to make the congress party and his brother angry

Now let us dissect his high decibels.
What he did SPEAK?

1. "We must thrash the congress leaders"  - PRP Rally, 2008

2. "Special status to AP is the responsibility of BJP and TDP"  - since 2014

3. "I request the AP govt not to acquire the lands of the farmers. I stand by them if the govt proceeds to acquire the land forcibly."  - since 2015

4. "The central govt's grant of financial package to AP without the special status, is like a stale laddu. They have failed the sentiment of the telugu people."  - on the central govt's declaration of the financial package of over 2.5 lac crores - September, 2016

Analyse this.

He keeps silent on the bifurcation of AP in 2014, never asks why congress had to do it. Now in 2016 he seeks to fight for the cause of AP.
He keeps silent on the land grabs from 2004 to 2014 and suddenly seeks to fight on behalf of the farmers.
He keeps silent on the double standards of his own brother, but seeks to show finger on the only national party that has outstanding record on public governance and the trust of the nation till date, i.e. BJP.

And yesterday after a drama on a stage show at Kakinada about the package for AP, where he criticises and chides the center for not awarding the special status he casually says in a TV interview "I am yet to look at the package given by the center and it's details." This is the recent addition to his confusing, contradictory and disoriented blabber.

It only displays mental instability resulting from some severe personality disorder or a deep rooted ignorance of an illiterate mind.

For a public that doesn't know the history of its own land and its great saviours of the ages, he might not look different from a true honest leader, but for us who are seeking to find some cause for the happenings around, his drama is not indecipherable at all. 

Contradiction cannot be seen even when it is obvious to our eyes, if our mind is filled with ignorance. Let us pray the god on behalf of the gullible public whose minds are filled with darkness.

तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय

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